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Bitcoin worth 500k

bitcoin worth 500k

It is the size of a payment card. 4 Star Citizen Video game Kickstarter, Independent Ongoing 2M 216,844,803 6 Space combat video game being developed by Chris Roberts, designer of Wing Commander. Saikaley visited Cuccaro's TD Canada Trust branch at Lansdowne Park in August 2017 for advice about how to send the money abroad. Third highest funded project on Kickstarter. Will open liste noire broker forex amf a brewery in Berlin, Germany and partially fund expansion by pre-selling beer from the Berlin brewery. She had over a million dollars in her account. Wikimedia list article, this is an incomplete list of the highest-funded crowdfunding projects (including projects which failed to achieve funding). "Planetary Annihilation - A Next Generation RTS". "Status ICO Raised More Than 100 Million for Ethereum-Powered DApps on iOS and Android". Synereo raised over.7M, selling AMPs, the organization's native cryptocurrency, as well as shares of Synereo LTD. "Lighting fireworks in 2014". "Exploding Kittens sets fire to Kickstarter".

Worth, of 1, bitcoin, bitcoin, made Easy Sec

London: Guinness World Records Limited. "Fidgeted made this toy one of Kickstarter's most successful campaigns". 245 174 m Open source social networking service Equity Crowdfunding Jun 10, 2017 1M 1,035,095 246 Broke the regulation crowdfunding record for fastest to raise 1 million 247 See also edit References edit "A blockchain start-up just raised 4 billion without a live product". One of the most prominent use cases is decentralized exchanging from one currency to another. Retrieved bitcoin worth 500k 12 December 2016. G-RO Other Indiegogo, Kickstarter Dec 12, 2015 125,000 4,573,569 111 Carry-on smart luggage with a built-in tablet stand, charging station, two USB ports, a 23,000 mAh battery pack, a location tracker and a wireless proximity tracker. Retrieved February 26, 2014. BitClave is using blockchain to eliminate ad service middlemen and create a direct connection between businesses and customers. "TrackR bravo: Lose Things? EOS, blockchain, ethereum, june 1, 2018 - 4,000,000,000. Saikaley has complained to TD's ombudsman that the bank that gave him the advice in the first place isn't doing enough to help him out of the mess. 55 Lisk Software Bitcoin, Independent Mar 21, 2016 - 5,700,000 95 Lisk is a crypto-currency and decentralized application platform. 35 Ubuntu Edge Computing hardware Indiegogo Aug 21, 2013 32M 12,814,196 67 The Ubuntu Edge was a proposed "high concept" smartphone announced by Canonical Ltd.

bitcoin worth 500k

Succeeded Double Fine Adventure as the highest funded Kickstarter video game. The DGD token holder also gets a pledging say on the projects built around the DGX transactional system and there's a majority rule applied to release funds for business expenses paid to peripherals. "What's next: ICO report and plans of Polybius Project: PolybiusBank". Retrieved June 6, 2014. It hit the goal for 380k in 2h15min. "Synereo raises.7m to meet its 'blockchain promise. It comes from one of the big five banks in Canada. Retrieved from " ". 171 116 Blue Mountain State : The Movie Movie Kickstarter May 15, 2014.5M 1,911,827 Feature length comedy based on the spike TV series 172 117 Shadowrun Returns Video game Kickstarter Apr 29, 2012 400K 1,836,447 Single-player tactical role-playing. Video game Ulule Nov 12, 2017 90K 1,246,153 Fantasy role-playing video game based on the French web series Noob, created by Fabien Fournier. I mean our aunt legitimately gave us this money.".

bitcoin worth 500k

List of highest-funded crowdfunding projects

206 143 Tesla Museum Other Indiegogo Sep 29, 2012 850K 1,370,461 Buy Nikola Tesla's old laboratory, known as the Wardenclyffe Tower, for turning it into a museum. Sequel to 1988's Wasteland, by members of the original team. "Double Fine takes to Kickstarter yet again with strategy epic Massive Chalice". There are TDs in the United States all over the place.". 144 94 Stone Groundbreaking Collaborations Food Indiegogo Aug 29, 2014 1M 2,532,211 Stone Brewing. Have been trying to get the money back over concerns for one of the beneficiary's health. Became the most crowdfunded timepiece in history with the first campaign raising 926'960 EUR.

Family's 500K inheritance seized.S

"Star Citizen shoots through the 200m raised barrier". "Amanda Palmer: The new record, ART book, and tour". Let's Build a Goddamn Tesla Museum, September 29, 2013, Matthew Inman, Indiegogo, retrieved at "Million Dollars, But. Watch Your Account Grow. " Gosnell Movie: A historic crowdfunding campaign for a movie about America's biggest serial killer, abortionist Kermit Gosnell and the media cover-up ".

"Noob, le jeu vidéo!". Saikaley visited this TD Bank branch on Bank Street in Ottawa last August and says an associate told him bank drafts were the safest and fastest way to send inheritance money to the.S. CBP wrote that officials had seized the bank drafts at the Port of Indianapolis. 24 Prison Architect Video game Independent, Steam Early Access Oct 6,000,000 46 Prison construction and management simulation game by Introversion bitcoin worth 500k Software. "Tron (TRX) - All information about Tron ICO (Token Sale) - ICO Drops". "Elevation Dock: The Best Dock For iPhone". 100 3Doodler 3D printing Kickstarter Mar 25, 2013 30K 2,344,134 3D printing pen developed by Peter Dilworth and Maxwell Bogue of WobbleWorks LLC. Chip - The World's First 9 Dollar Computer Computing hardware Kickstarter Jun 6, 2015 50K 2,071,927 A computer with a 1 GHz processor, 512MB RAM, and 4GB onboard storage. "Project Eternity closes with.3 million".

Bitcoin, core Install Ubuntu - Can I Buy

Retrieved "Kingdom Death: Monster.5". Note that Slightly Mad Studios themselves also contributed 2,072,400 to the overall funding for the game, amount raised is the total of public funding only. "Bibliotheca, the ESV Reader's Bible, and the Future of Printed Bibles - Bible Design Blog". October 22, 2013 "Top Ten Crowdfunding Campaigns Built With Tilt Open". Citation needed 42 BauBax Other Kickstarter, Indiegogo Ongoing 20K 10,271,965 citation needed The campaign was launched on July 7, 2015. Retrieved "The 11 biggest ICO fundraises of 2017". Smith, Chris (October 16, 2015). "Road Hard - A Movie by Adam Carolla". "40,000 people have paid thousands for an Elio car - will it ever be built?". 238 168 Pathfinder Online Video game Kickstarter Jan 14, 2013 1M 1,091,194 Sandbox style mmorpg in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game universe. Saikaley said that isn't an option for him: he doesn't have 500,000 to stand as collateral and expected better customer service from a bank that Cuccaro was loyal to for so many years. "HEX: The MMO is in the cards". 24 12 bankex Blockchain Ethereum December 26, 2017 50M 70,600,000 25 bankex is a blockchain -based distributed financial technology platform.

"I asked the bitcoin worth 500k associate at the bank what is the best way to send money to the United States when it's an inheritance and it's going to Ohio he said. "Ashes of Creation New mmorpg by Intrepid Studios". Almost a year later, the money is still stuck at the border. "Fundraiser Was a Resounding Success Cosmos Blog". He understands there are policies and procedures in place, but says there is no end in sight. Citation needed 65 Mastercoin Software Bitcoin, Independent Sep 1, 2013 - 5,000,000 102 Mastercoin is a digital currency and communications protocol built on the Bitcoin block chain.

Retrieved 22 December 2016. 27 bankex has raised.6 million during its token sale becoming 13th largest token sale of all time. He's still very weak and can't stand on his feet for long periods of time. 8 Polkadot Blockchain Ethereum October 27,300,000 18 Polkadot is a heterogeneous multichain which posits a trustless fully decentralised "federation" of public and private blockchains with trust-free access to each other. Highest funded Kickstarter project until surpassed by the Pebble smartwatch in April 2012. It's obvious it can't be counterfeit. 119 Scythe Board game Kickstarter Nov 6, 2015 33K 1,810,295 Scythe is a board game for 1-5 competitors by Jamey Stegmaier 176 120 Oomi Computing hardware Indiegogo June 19, 2015 50K 1,767,042 Provides home security, entertainment enhancement, and ambiance control. 56 Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Video game Kickstarter Jun 12, 2015 500,000 5,545,991 96 Metroidvania video game, by former Castlevania producer Koji Igarashi. 49 FirstBlood Crowdsale Software Ethereum Sep 26, 2016 5,500,000 6,267,767.32 85 86 FirstBlood is the first decentralized app, built on top of Ethereum, that allows eSports enthusiasts to compete in their favorite games through a decentralized, automated platform.

A New Way To, raise Money: The Initial Coin

"Waves Set To Become 'Fastest' Decentralized Blockchain Platform Globally". Saikaley says TD won't cancel the bank drafts, because it treats the documents as cash. "Warmachine: Tactics Kickstarts the Tabletop Game's Digital Future". TD Canada Trust declined CBC's request for an interview. "Bring Reading Rainbow Back for Every Child, Everywhere".