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Is hitbtc a good cryptocurrency trading platform

is hitbtc a good cryptocurrency trading platform

When deciding on the best cryptocurrency exchange for your needs, ease of deposits and withdrawals is a major factor. The information is clearly presented and its easy to hit the ground running if you have experience using trading platforms. Thankfully, HitBTC has straightforward policies regarding account funding and withdrawals as well as an easy to use system for getting started. Trading, hitBTC provides multiple trading pairs in several orders such as immediate-or-cancel, good-til-canceled, market, good-til-date/time, and fill-or-kill. Yet, it is also pretty controversial. HitBTC keeps the remaining.09 to cover its operating costs. After completing your registration, you will be given the access to a General account. HitBTC has also implemented Over the Counter (OTC) trading to try and entice institutional and other large-volume investors to the platform. Near this section, youll find another box, which contains a list of your past orders. This exchange was founded by Dave Merrill and is based in Estonia. Select the green Deposit button located among the account icons in the top right of the screen. If you go through the password recovery process, there will also be a 48-hour lock iota cryptocurrency trading in india on withdrawals.

Exchange Reviewed: Hitbtc, A, good, substitute For The Casual

Account Whitelist You can also set up your account whitelist if you so choose. Anyone whos ever traded in stocks or other traditional securities will recognize HitBTCs interface. On your account balance page scroll down to your chosen currency and select Withdraw. HitBTC definitely doesnt disappoint here. You select the currency balance you wish to withdraw and then enter in your destination address. User Friendliness, the site interface is very easy to use, responsive, and intuitive. Before using the platform, you can see if you like the interface buy trying out an online demo account.

Sign up Identification, for a number of years, is hitbtc a good cryptocurrency trading platform HitBTC didnt require users to register for an account or provide ID verification. It set up this system to encourage liquidity and narrow the spread on cryptocurrency markets. While HitBTC has taken significant steps to protect users from outside bad actors, the same cant be said with certainty about the exchange itself. Takers, those who remove liquidity from the market, are charged a flat fee.1 for every transaction. Youll need to have an external wallet setup for each cryptocurrency you wish to withdraw. And for wire transfers, the fee is 1 percent of the total amount. Fund Your Account HitBTC allows you to fund your account using any cryptocurrency they support. OTC trading only allows the use of the standard.1 fee and requires a minimum volume per trade of 100,000.

Hitbtc, global, trading, platform with Multi

However, the site also remains complex enough that it appeals to seasoned traders as well. There are two buttons that can help you. Always double check that you have entered the correct wallet address when transacting with cryptocurrency. With so many great digital currency exchange platforms available in the cryptocurrency space, it certainly makes no sense for you to take the risk with a platform thats so tricky and unreliable. It accepts more than 150 digital assets. These center on its ID verification policies and some major red flags regarding account locks and support issues. In some cases, HitBTC representatives will ask for further information before processing your verification. Youll view a long list of cryptocurrency with deposit and withdrawal options. Currently, this exchange accepts fifty types of altcoin currency. But how do they really measure up to their competitors?

After doing that, you can easily fund your account and get set to begin trading! You can also expect a two percent fee for deposits that are under fifty thousand EUR. It has a reputation for strong security and advanced trading features but has recently been plagued by negative reviews relating to ID verification policies. The only deposit fee is for Bitcoin,.0006 BTC per deposit. If youre interested in trading, youll find everything trading related under the exchange tab. HitBTC allows you to trade as either a taker or a maker so youll have a few decisions to make. The HitBTC boasts that theyre the most advanced bitcoin exchange around. Beyond that, it really drops the ball. Account security issues arent escalated or dealt with appropriately to their severity. Keep in mind though that you wont be able to withdraw any funds for a 48-hour period after your activate or modify your whitelist. The fee will vary depending on a number of factors such as the currency, current market conditions, and the amount youre withdrawing.

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Many users report receiving repetitive ID verification requests and generally getting a run around when trying to regain access to their accounts. Transaction fees will depend on the currency used and the amount you deposit. Unfortunately, the cloud of uncertainty surrounding trapped user funds and the lack of a coherent response from HitBTC has brought its legitimacy into question. If you choose to proceed anyway, youll be taken to the withdrawal window and asked to enter in the amount you wish to withdraw and your destination address. This type of security is offered separately in order to protect withdrawals and logins. Follow the steps above to get to the main deposit window, then click on the Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card button located just above the list of cryptocurrencies. It has the standard selection of support articles. . If you want to make deposits in fiat currencies, you have to go through an account verification process wherein your identity, residence, and the likes will have to be verified.

Funding, you can fund your HitBTC account via wire transfers, Sepa or cryptocurrencies directly from your wallet. The next step is to read HitBTCs privacy policy and other user agreements. These orders are labeled as filled, closed, or active trades. Any mistake here will result in the loss of your funds. In practice, youll have to complete an ID verification once you try to withdraw your funds. HitBTC is a centralized exchange that allows trading of a wide variety of cryptocurrency, including most major altcoins. Its only available as a mobile site, with all the limitations that imply. Youre required to provide ID verification before you can complete the purchase of Bitcoin.

is hitbtc a good cryptocurrency trading platform

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Account Registration To begin trading on HitBTC youll need to create an account. It is one of the largest exchanges currently in operation, averaging more than 250 million per 24 hour trading period. Users have been required to perform a drawn-out ID verification process that only sometimes results in the funds being released. Mobile Site Access, while the site is responsive to some extent, they currently dont offer an in-house app and they dont support third-party platforms. For advanced traders running complicated trading strategies, a wide range of available trading pairs is absolutely essential. Be fully informed as this article guides you through the major features of this exchange as well as fees, deposit/withdrawal processes, and HitBTC security. As of this writing, HitBTC doesnt have any app support. The company is not too vague; neither does it promise too much.

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Aside from the option of adding an extra step for signing in, this exchange also tracks login history, so youll be notified via email if a login is detected from new IPs. An email verification is sent after a withdrawal has been requested, so youll need to confirm it in order to complete the transaction. Withdraw Your Cryptocurrency On paper, the withdrawal process should be as easy the deposit process. However, many members had complaints that the demo often failed to load. For USD, theres a flat one percent fee charged regardless of the amount. Therefore, before you actually transact with HitBTC, please carefully read this review and do your research. If youre planning on holding them for a while, its a good idea to invest in an offline hardware wallet. You get a transaction limit of 2,000 EUR/USD per week or 10,000 EUR/USD per month if you have a verified account. You will need to provide your full name, address, a government ID, and a selfie of your holding said.

Deposits, its possible to deposit most of the cryptocurrencies HitBTC allows trading for. Next, youll need to confirm the provided code to bind your account to the app. Once there youll need to select the Security tab, then scroll down to two-factor authentication. HitBTC is the most advanced cryptocurrency exchange with markets for trading between Bitcoins, Ethereums, Litecoins, Dogecoins, Monero, usdt and more. Two-factor Authentication On the top right-hand corner of the main screen, youll view several icons. Supported Currencies, one of the most important aspects of a centralized cryptocurrency exchange like HitBTC is the number of supported altcoins. A drop down tab will open up with a receiving wallet address. It allows users to set up two-factor authentication and promotes a whitelist feature that allows users to lock withdrawals to registered addresses. This has certainly changed now.

This will provide you with all the information and graphs that is necessary to make an informed trade. Judging by the information cited above, HitBTC looks like a perfectly legit exchange with a wide assortment of digital currencies, relatively low fees, and the essential fiat currencies support. Well also walk you through the account creation process and show you how to make your first trade on the platform. Ease of Use HitBTC has the stated goal of being the most advanced cryptocurrency exchange in the world. This provides you with the IP address and details of all login attempts and user sessions related to your account. This message will let you know it could take up to four weeks to process your withdrawal. However, you can still access your account and execute a trade via your smartphone, but its no easy task. Its characterized by candlestick graphs and purchase history charts. Use your chosen authenticator app to take a picture of the QR code on your screen. Even more worrying are repudiations of user complaints on sites like Reddit that appear to originate from fake accounts set up by HitBTC. To make transactions with fiat, a user must first verify their account.

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Moreover, they simply stop replying to your messages is hitbtc a good cryptocurrency trading platform after you file a few complaints. If you dont already own cryptocurrency you can purchase Bitcoin through HitBTCs partnership with Changelly. Blockchain transactions are inherently irreversible. This puts it in a favorable position alongside top-ranked exchanges such. The exchange is laid out much like a stock site, with trading information and sales records presented next to candlestick graphs order screens. When it comes to withdrawing funds, it can take up to twenty days, depending on currency type. Your order will process as soon as possible but at the standard fee.1. HitBTC originally allowed trading without ID verification but has recently implemented significant KYC requirements for users. It has very high coin availability and liquidity. Trading on HitBTC Now that youve set up and funded your account its time to start trading. For deposits above 50,000, the fee is 1 percent of the total. If you want to open an order just select the type, fill in the parameters, and click a button to place the order.

is hitbtc a good cryptocurrency trading platform

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HitBTC is hitbtc a good cryptocurrency trading platform allows a range of advanced limit based trading techniques. This lets traders put a significant date and value limits on their transactions in pursuit of advanced strategies. The exact technicalities of trading are, however, quite complex. Is HitBTC a Scam? Stellar site security, users can enjoy anonymous accounts, this exchange supports over fifty altcoin currencies. It markets itself as having the most advanced API in the cryptocurrency space and provides experienced traders with the most effective way to speculate in altcoins. The verification process takes up to three business days. As it stands now our HitBTC review cannot say with confidence that HitBTC is legit.

Customer Support Theres no getting around it, HitBTC has awful customer support. While you can simply fund your account and start trading at this point, we highly recommend you set up two-factor authentication before you. HitBTC maintains the most assortment array of digital currencies. Fees, in HitBTC, the transaction fees range from.10.25. There are limited exceptions to this but all major coins are supported. Where is HitBTC located? However, any attempt to withdraw funds will trigger an immediate ID verification requirement. Moreover, a wire transfer incurs a 2 percent transaction fee. However, this can be is hitbtc a good cryptocurrency trading platform improved by getting in touch with the HitBTC team directly. Copy this address into your depositing wallet and begin the transaction. Trading, this exchange currently offers the following types of orders: fill or kill, immediate or cancel, day, good till date/time, good till canceled, and market. I will also be doing a reviews on other sites so make to subcripbe to my email updates or like my twitter or facebook pages.

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Multi-language chat features available, cons, the withdrawal process has a reputation for being very slow. Until it resolves this issue and improves its responsiveness to customer concerns, for this HitBTC review, we have no choice but to recommend our readers to avoid HitBTC. This will open up the main listing of cryptocurrencies and allow you to select the coin you are interested. If you attempt to deposit less than this amount the deposit will fail. With the HitBTC chart, youll find a couple of boxes for selling or buying with the current pair. However, even this will make you eligible for unlimited deposits and withdrawals of digital currencies. Which makes HitBTC very beginner friendly. At the moment HitBTC is a purely crypto exchange so it doesnt permit any trading of money or fiat currencies. HitBTC doesnt require ID verification to deposit funds or make trades. HitBTC Features Since its creation, HitBTC has tried to set itself apart from other exchanges by the responsiveness, liquidity, and advanced trading features it allows.

Its overall security is robust, trading fees are low, and its volume is quite respectable. When it comes to security, this exchange goes above and beyond. Final Thoughts HitBTC has a long history for a cryptocurrency exchange, and theres a lot to like about. In the top right corner, you can select Register to be taken to the main account creation page. This isnt clearly spelled out in their support page and the process itself is very inconsistent. There is hitbtc a good cryptocurrency trading platform is a ticket system that allows users to file a help request but it has the same reported response times as through email. Star rating updated see bottom of page. Last Updated On January 29th, 2019. It is also an option for Altcoins enthusiasts, as it lists more than 300 cryptocurrencies. Hitbtc, global, trading, platform with Multi, currency, support Read. Hitbtc is greatly aimed to become one of the most popular global platforms for those companies which are dealing with various virtual currencies. Hitbtc cryptocurrency trading platform provides advanced exchange as well as clearing. Reportedly, Hitbtc is a European.